Our patients’ needs are of the utmost importance.

Our practice is based on the belief that our patients’ needs are of the utmost importance. Many of our patients are professionals and work busy hours. We recognize that your time is valuable. Although the field of obstetrics and gynecology is unpredictable… » more


Initial Pregnancy Care

Preconceptional Counseling, First Trimester Pregnancy Care, Ultrasounds, Genetic Testing


Annual Exam and Pap smear, Contraception, STD Screening, Fibroids, IUD Insertion, IUD Removal, Menopausal Treatments, Sexual Dysfunction and Libido Problems, Colposcopy, Cryotherapy, LEEP procedure, Office Hysteroscopy


Diagnostic Testing, Treatment with Clomid, Intrauterine Inseminations



Dilatation and Currettage, Cervical Conization, Marsupialization of Bartholin Gland Cysts, Laparoscopy, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy, Hysterosopic Myomectomy, Abdominal Myomectomy, Abdominal Hysterectomy, Vaginal Hysterectomy, LEEP Procedure, Removal of Ovarian Cysts


We understand that in our current financial climate many people are still without health insurance.  We feel that you should not sacrifice your healthcare needs due to financial limitations.  We offer discounted cash prices and can offer same-day appointments. 

Our Address

6310 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 290
Los Angeles, CA 90048

323-933-2930 phone323-933-2948 fax

Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed


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Professional – and warm, I can’t recommend Dr. Varkey enough!
Aubrey M., Los Angeles, CA

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WE ARE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT 6310 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 290, Los Angeles, CA 90048 • Phone 323-933-2930 • Fax 323-933-2948
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